css toggle switches

103 Unique CSS Toggle Switches

Here is a collection of some of the most unique CSS toggle switches for you.

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Dev: Olivia Ng

Pure CSS Toggles

Dev: Rafael González

Pure CSS Toggle Buttons | ON-OFF Switches

Dev: Himalaya Singh

Pure CSS toggle buttons

Dev: Mauricio Allende


Dev: Oleg Frolov

Pure CSS iOS Style Switches with Labels

Dev: Jesse Couch

Checkbox CSS Toggle – Day / Night Mode

Dev: Ahmad Emran

Big Fat Toggle Switch

Dev: Andrew Creech

Animated CSS Toggle Switch

Dev: Garet McKinley

CSS Toggle switch

Dev: Kitty Giraudel

CSS3 Only Material Design Toggle Switch

Dev: Kyle Lavery

Pure CSS Toggles

Dev: mshevtsov

Day And Night Toggle

Dev: Chris Gannon

Shiny Toggle Switches

Dev: Nail Davlyatchin

Emoji Toggles

Dev: Chris Coyier

Antsy Toggles

Dev: Daryn St. Pierre

Bubble Toggle

Dev: Chris Gannon

Dumb Toggles

Dev: Adam Kuhn

Pure CSS Pizza Toggles

Dev: Adam Kuhn

Responsive Emoji Toggles #CodePenChallenge

Dev: George W. Park

CSS Pancake Toggle

Dev: Adam Kuhn

Faction Toggle: Star Wars Ep. IV–VI

Dev: Jon Kantner

Creating day-night CSS only toggle switch

Dev: Chris Bongers

Sea Mode

Dev: Faria Begum Riya

Power switch animation – Only CSS

Dev: Milan Raring

CSS Switch

Dev: Randy Lebeau

Bouncing toggles

Dev: Kunuk Nykjær

Realistic CSS Switch (checkbox)

Dev: Nathan Taylor

Animated CSS Switch Button

Dev: Nitish tyagi

Custom Checkbox / Toggle Switch

Dev: thelaazyguy

Spinning toggle

Dev: Håvard Brynjulfsen

3D 2021 CSS Toggle

Dev: Jhey

Half Orange Button

Dev: Berke Kir

Neumorphic-toggle- button

Dev: somali

Squishy Toggle Buttons

Dev: Justin Windle

Neumorphism Toggle

Dev: Aaron Iker

CSS Egg Switch

Dev: Aaron Iker

Neumorphic Toggle

Dev: halvves

Pure CSS Fuel Gauge Toggle

Dev: Ömercan Balandı

Toggle (checkbox without label)

Dev: Andreas Storm

CSS Plane Switch

Dev: Aaron Iker

CSS Heart Switch

Dev: Aaron Iker

2020 Toggles

Dev: Aaron Iker

Radio Button

Dev: Andreas Storm

Checkbox Rocker Toggle Switch

Dev: Marcus Connor

Pure CSS button switch

Dev: Kitty Giraudel

Hamburger 3D CSS Switch animation

Dev: Aaron Iker

Pure CSS3 Star Wars Lightsaber Checkboxes

Dev: Nicholas Cerminara


Dev: Billy

CSS Switch – Day and Night

Dev: Angela Velasquez

Pure CSS Bulb Switch

Dev: Grzegorz Witczak

CSS Switches

Dev: Abubaker Saeed

3D Orange Switch (Pure CSS)

Dev: Yoav Kadosh

CSS Flip Check

Dev: Ian Turner

Pure CSS Switches

Dev: Alexandre Joffroy

Switch Day Night

Dev: Mohan Khadka


Dev: Marco Biedermann

Switch | CSS only

Dev: Håvard Brynjulfsen


Dev: Stef Geraets

Pure CSS light switch

Dev: Kitty Giraudel

On/off toggle switch

Dev: Anastasia Goodwin

Simple CSS Switch / Toggle

Dev: Aaron Iker

Gooey toggle switch

Dev: Vincent Durand

Pure CSS Day & Night Switch

Dev: Nour Saud

Toggle switch with checkbox:checked

Dev: Jeroen Franse

Light/Dark Mode Toggle With Curtain Effect

Dev: Jon Kantner

CSS Light Switch

Dev: Jason Katzwinkel

Colorful Switch (CSS Only)

Dev: Nikolay Talanov

Lock switch animation

Dev: Aaron Iker

Gender Toggle Pure CSS

Dev: Chintu Yadav Sara

Grogu Toggle

Dev: Kristopher Van Sant

I/O Codepen

Dev: Paraskevas Dinakis

A Confusing Toggle Button

Dev: Himalaya Singh

Toggle switch – only CSS, accessible & semantic

Dev: Sibi

On / Off Switch

Dev: Joshua Sanger

Day and night toggle

Dev: Pedro Cacique

Day / Night Switch

Dev: Aaron Iker

CSS3 Toggle Switch

Dev: Abid Din

Cool switch button

Dev: Valentin Galmand

CSS Switch Day and Night – Cat

Dev: Angela Velasquez

On/Off Switch – Pure CSS

Dev: Valentin Galmand

Light/Dark Toggle With Morphing Icon

Dev: Jon Kantner

Light Bulb Toggle Switch

Dev: Jon Kantner

Day/Night Switch

Dev: Matthew Fagnan


Dev: Christophe Molina B.

Simple switch button

Dev: Alexey Kagan

CSS Minion switchs button

Dev: Mohab ElHamzawy

Sleek sliding toggle checkbox

Dev: Comehope

Halloween Switcher

Dev: Diogo Gomes

Simple Toggle Switch

Dev: Chris Ota

CSS yes/no button switch

Dev: Kitty Giraudel

Subscribe Toggle Button

Dev: Himalaya Singh

Toggle Button

Dev: ItsMeNatalie

Volume Toggle CSS Switch

Dev: Aaron Iker

Checkbox Animation

Dev: Erdem Uslu

Pure CSS dark mode toggle switcher

Dev: Demilade Olaleye

Toggle buttons / On-Off switches

Dev: Himalaya Singh

3D toggle

Dev: Ana Tudor

Totoro Toggle

Dev: Adam Kuhn

CSS Bear Toggle

Dev: Anastasia Goodwin

Pure Css “day and night” toggle

Dev: Benjamin Réthoré


Dev: Katherine Kato

Cold-Hot Toggle Switch

Dev: Jon Kantner