Create your signature

Draw Signature

Use your mouse, touchpad, mobile or table to draw your signature.

Type Signature

Type your name and customize it to generate your signature from text.

What is Signature Generator?

Signature generator is a free online tool for generating signatures that you can use in your documents.

You can either draw or type your signature.

How to use the Draw Signature tool?

The draw signature is very easy to use just start writing on the above canvas as you would do on a piece of paper. 

You can choose different colors for your signature and save it as a png or svg file for free.

You can use the undo button to undo any mistakes or you can clean the entire canvas by clicking on the trash icon to start all over again.

Thank you for using our tool.

How to use the Type Signature tool?

The Type Signature tool lets you easily create beautiful signatures from your text.

You have to just type your name and then you can customize it.

You can change the font, font size, font color, font angle and more.

Once you are happy with your signature you can simply save it as a png file.

Thank you for using our tool.

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