Etsy Fee Calculator

*Updated May 2022

What is Etsy Fee Calculator?

Etsy fee calculator is a free and simple tool to calculate your Etsy fees, payment processing fees and profit etc.

How do Etsy fees work?

Etsy charges a fixed $0.20 per item listing and an additional 6.5% of the total payment (including shipping charges).

If you choose Etsy direct as your processor you have to pay an additional 3% -6.5%  and fixed fees depending on your country.

Click to know more about Etsy fees and Etsy payments.

How to use this Etsy Fee Calculator?

This free Etsy Fee Calculator is very simple to use.

1. Enter your product selling price.

2. Enter your product cost, shipping charges and shipping cost if you have any .

3. Choose your payment method. For both Etsy payment and Paypal default US rates are given but you can change it as per your country rates Check Etsy payments fees and PayPal fees.

4. Click on the Calculate Fees button and instantly you will see the result below.

It will show the revenue, total fees (Etsy fees and payment processing fees), gross profit and profit margin.

5. You can re-enter the amount as many times as you like or click the Reset button to start fresh again.

Thank you for using our tool.

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