PayPal Fee Calculator

What is PayPal Fee Calculator?

PayPal fee calculator is a simple tool to calculate PayPal fees. If you receive money through PayPal you must have noticed it charges some fees. At times you might want your buyer or client to pay the fees. This free PayPal fee calculator easily allows you to calculate how much you should charge to cover the fees or in general how much fees you are paying and how much you are receiving. 

How to use this PayPal Fee Calculator?

This PayPal Fee Calculator is very simple to use.

1. Enter the amount.

2. Enter the PayPal fees percentage and PayPal fixed fee amount. The most common rate is auto inserted for you but change it if your rates are different. Check PayPal fees.

3. Click on the Calculate Fees button and instantly you will see the result below.

It will show how much fees you are paying, how much you are getting and how much you should charge to cover the fees. 

4. You can re-enter the amount as many times as you like or click the Reset button to start fresh again.

Thank you for using our tool.

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