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35 Unique CSS Text Effects

Are you looking for some unique CSS text effects to implement on your website?

Then check this list, I have handpicked some of the most unique CSS text effects for you.

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CSS Perspective Text Hover

Dev: James Bosworth

Neon Text Effect

Dev: Matt Smith

Hit The Floor Text Effect

Dev: ThatGuySam

CSS background change on scroll

Dev: Giana

Silent Movie Text Effect

Dev: Dimitra

CSS Shimmer Text Effect

Dev: Robert Douglas

Layered text-shadow effect CSS

Dev: Shireen Taj

3D-Text with Text-Shadow

Dev: Daniel Riemer

Text Effect

Dev: Max Nguyen

Black Mirror Cracked Text Effect

Dev: George W. Park

Text Effect – Mystique

Dev: Chris Johnson

CSS 3D Text Effect

Dev: Kyle Wetton

CSS3 Isometric Text Effect created by Duncan Midwinter.

Dev: Duncan Midwinter

Single element, multi coloured 3d text effect

Dev: Mandy Michael

Growing Grassy Text with Variable fonts

Dev: Mandy Michael

Gold CSS Text Effect with Gradients

Dev: Mandy Michael

Shatter Text Effect

Dev: Peter Cameron

Knockout Text Effect

Dev: Antoinette Janus

3D extrude text effect- CSS only

Dev: Pete Leidy

3D Text Effect

Dev: Nate Watson

Retro Text Effect (Pure CSS)

Dev: Yoav Kadosh

Stripy Rainbow Text Effect

Dev: Mandy Michael

Cutout Text Effect

Dev: Jeff Everhart

CSS Blend Mode Text Effect

Dev: Mandy Michael

Direction aware filling text effect

Dev: Vangel Tzo

3D Text Effect + Ambient light

Dev: Joep


Dev: Janos

Dual Color Text Scroll Effect

Dev: Raymond Aleman

Bended Text Effect

Dev: Mandy Michael

Bloomberg’s rotated and layered gradient text

Dev: Stephy

Vintage Text Effect

Dev: Mandy Michael

Text Effect – Optimist

Dev: Chris Johnson

Multilayer text

Dev: Pratham



CSS Fixed Conic Fill

Dev: Adam Argyle

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