css animated background

39 Amazing CSS Animated Background for you to try

Are you looking for some animated background inspiration?

Then check out these amazing CSS animated backgrounds that you can try right now.

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CSS Animated Background Landing Page

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Animated background body tag

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Clouds moving css animation

Dev: Antonio Escudero

Traveling through Tron – Best viewed in Webkit

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Animated Background

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Pure CSS Animated Background

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Animated Background Gradient

Dev: katmai7

Tiny responsive animated background

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The Mind of a Web Developer (Pure CSS/SVG)

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Animated CSS3 bubble background

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Animated background

Dev: S3B4S

Animated Background

Dev: Carlos Hernandez

Pure CSS twinkling stars background

Dev: Anastasia Goodwin

CSS linear-gradient animations

Dev: Ryan Mulligan

Hareketli Arka Plan

Dev: Şenol GÜNECİ

Animated Background

Dev: Sushant Sharma

Animated Background

Dev: Ahmed Riad

Animated Background

Dev: Swarup Kumar Kuila

Animated Background (CSS only)

Dev: Deven Blackburn

Shooting Star

Dev: alphardex

Bubble Float

Dev: alphardex

Awesome animated background

Dev: Charles Swierczek

SVG animated background

Dev: Josie Barker

October Falling Leaves CSS Animation

Dev: Casthra Demosthene

CSS only animated static noise background

Dev: Mathieu S.

Pattern Animation (Infinite)

Dev: Adam Abundis

Cool Mountain Background with animations

Dev: Igor Milenkovic

Animated Background w/keyframes

Dev: Nikki Peel

Animated Ripples background

Dev: Vaibhav Arora

Infinite SVG Triangle Fusion

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CSS Fireflies

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CSS Background Effect

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Sépion CSS background animation

Dev: Sépion


Dev: Nate Wiley

Sliding Diagonals Background Effect

Dev: Rosy Babu

Background Effect

Dev: Meghna J