css text animation

75 CSS Text Animations You Can Use

I have handpicked some of the best and coolest CSS text animations for you to try on your website.

Most of the examples here only use CSS or very minimum JS, so you can use these very easily on your website or project.

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Simple CSS text animation

Dev: Nooray Yemon

CSS3 Text Animation Effect

Dev: Nick Mkrtchyan

Text Animation: Montserrat

Dev: Claire Larsen

Pure CSS Text Animation

Dev: Robin Treur

Text Animation with background

Dev: Nooray Yemon

Shining Text Animation Effects

Dev: FrankieDoodie

Netflix style text animation with CSS

Dev: Nooray Yemon

SVG Text Animation Using Stroke Offset Method

Dev: Mack Ayache

Pure CSS Text Animation

Dev: Arlina Code

Happy New Year! — CSS Only

Dev: SnailCrusher

Text animation

Dev: Yoann

Intro Text Animation

Dev: Joacim Nilsson

CSS text animation

Dev: Aniket Singh

3D CSS Text Animation

Dev: Tomas Piksrys

(cool) text effect

Dev: Hakkam Abdullah

Flickering Light Text Effect

Dev: Mandy Michael

Pure CSS text-animation

Dev: vainsan

Pure CSS Text Animation Loading

Dev: Bousahla Mounir

Cool Text

Dev: Banlawi

Pure CSS Text Reveal

Dev: Mattia Astorino

SVG Text Animation in CSS

Dev: Maciej Leszczyński

SVG/CSS Text Animation

Dev: Cédric

Flip Text

Dev: Heather B.

Jalousie text animation

Dev: Jonas Sandstedt

Typewriter Text Animation

Dev: Aakhya Singh

2 in 2021 / Welcome / CSS Stylus Pug

Dev: Toshiya Marukubo

Be happy!

Dev: Elena Nazarova

Animated Text Gradient

Dev: chrishodges

Handwriting Animation (SVG + CSS)

Dev: Marina

Text-Shadow Animate

Dev: Wyatt Nolen

Animated text fill

Dev: Daniel Riemer

Wave text effect (with SVG/blend mode)

Dev: Lucas Bebber


Dev: Nooray Yemon

Smoky Text

Dev: Bennett Feely

Liquid Type

Dev: Callum Martin

Glowing text, music inspired

Dev: amber

In/out of focus text effect

Dev: Jonny Scholes

Breathe (Coded on iOS)

Dev: Elisabeth Diang

CSS only Frozen text

Dev: Mandy Michael

Neon Lights

Dev: Cooper

Typed.scss: CSS-powered animated text

Dev: Brandon McConnell

Apple commercial animation

Dev: Alvaro Montoro

CSS : Background Clip

Dev: Amir Rahimi

Blazing Fire

Dev: Makan

Pure CSS | FadeIn Text with bars | KeyFrames & Scss

Dev: Kaio Almeida


Dev: Franklin Castellanos

Word Swipe Animation

Dev: Eric Porter


Dev: Bence Szabo

Spooky Typo

Dev: ilithya

Animated text fill with svg text practice

Dev: Cesar C.

CSS-only shimmering neon text

Dev: Giana

Drop : Gooey Effect

Dev: Tushar Choudhari


Dev: Eric Huguenin


Dev: Cassandra Rossall

Neon Tex

Dev: Mohamed

CSS Text-Shadow Animation

Dev: Faria Begum Riya

Glowing Text

Dev: Pratham

SVG Text


Slide to unlock shine

Dev: Andreas Storm


Dev: Jhey

Text Animation

Dev: Sean Dempsey


Dev: Dee Pei

Animated Fire Text-Shadow

Dev: Antti Nyman

Super Shadows!

Dev: Oliver Pope

Text Animation with CSS – thank you screen!

Dev: Nooray Yemon

404 Animated Page

Dev: Vincent Van Goggles

[webkit] Animated “text-shadow” pattern

Dev: carpe numidium

Animated Text-Shadow

Dev: Erin E. Sullivan

Pure CSS Glitch Experiment (Twitch Intro WIP)

Dev: Elisabeth Diang

Clean CSS Glitch

Dev: Piotr Galor

3D CSS Typography

Dev: Noah Blon

Easy Animation

Dev: Mark Mead

Pure CSS Typing Animation

Dev: Stephanie Eckles


Dev: Oliva Alonso

Masking Path Animation

Dev: Envato Tuts+