css border animations

45 CSS Border Animations you can implement

Here is some amazing CSS border animation example you can implement on your website.

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Border Radius Morphing

Dev: Mattia Astorino

Rotating border

Dev: Jesse B

Border-gradient mixin

Dev: John Grishin

Sass button border hover effect mixin

Dev: Giana

SVG Button With Border Animation

Dev: Bianca Negron

Animated Border Gradient Effect

Dev: Jonathan Dauz

CSS border hover transitions

Dev: Jamie Calder

Fancy border radius

Dev: Jessica Aiskel

Double border animation

Dev: Antares

Diagonal stripe border effects

Dev: Comehope

CSS border (using an SVG)

Dev: Louis Hoebregts

Gradient Border

Dev: alphardex

Magic Border Mixin

Dev: Adam Kuhn


Dev: Chance Squires

CSS Border Animation

Dev: Nick

border animation

Dev: Furkan Gulsen

CSS Translate+Skew Animation

Dev: Edmundo Santos

CSS Border Animation

Dev: gatesakagi

Button Border Animation (on Hover)

Dev: Jesse Dean

CSS Loader

Dev: Kristen Zirkler

SVG Border Animation 1

Dev: cuonglh911

Border animation

Dev: Maciej Niepieklo

Border animation using clippath

Dev: kang

Button Animation Using SVG and CSS Transitions

Dev: Cody Elizabeth

SVG Ellipse Border Animation

Dev: Corey Bullman

Border animation – menu inspiration


Border animation (circle)

Dev: katmai7


Dev: Swarup Kumar Kuila

[PURE CSS] border animation without svg

Dev: Rplus

Border animation

Dev: Inderpreet Singh

Border Animation Effect with SVG

Dev: GIO

Border animation on hover

Dev: Artem Tumin

Houdini gradient border animation

Dev: Michelle Barker


Dev: Marco Barría

CSS3 Draw border animation

Dev: Nemanja

Cool Css Button Border Animation On Hover – CSS3 Hover Effects – Pure CSS

Dev: Ramkirat gupta

CSS Animation

Dev: Shaz3e

Css Border Animation

Dev: Nedim

Loading Animation

Dev: Simon Goellner

Dashed border icon animations

Dev: FlorinCornea

[PROTO] – Framed div on hover (CSS only)

Dev: Soufiane Lasri

Button Hover Border Animation

Dev: Jesse Dean

Button Border Animation

Dev: thelaazyguy

Gradient border CSS

Dev: Grunkle Stan

Border Animation Text Box

Dev: Mohamed Azouaoui

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