css animation examples

41 Beautiful CSS Animation Examples

Here are some of the most beautiful CSS animation examples for you.

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Cloudy Spiral CSS animation

Dev: Hakim El Hattab

Parallax Star background in CSS

Dev: Saransh Sinha

Pure CSS 3D Sphere

Dev: Sergej Skrjanec

Neumorphism animation

Dev: masuwa

CSS Animation Material Design

Dev: Zoë Bijl

walking cat

Dev: Eva

Funny Candle Pure CSS Animation

Dev: Kevin David

Rotation & background experiment

Dev: Zach Saucier

Mr JeellyFish pure CSS animation

Dev: Fabio

wave (CSS animation)

Dev: Anton Mudrenok

CSS Animation with steps()

Dev: Guil H

CSS Bouncing Ball

Dev: Rob Glazebrook

[CSS Animation] PCPP Loading Boxes

Dev: Rplus

Animated CSS Mail Button

Dev: Jake Giles-Phillips

CSS Animation 101 – Hero image

Dev: Donovan Hutchinson

Never-ending box

Dev: Pawel

Speedy truck

Dev: Chris Johnson

Pure CSS watch animation

Dev: Grzegorz Witczak

Heartbeat css animation

Dev: Fivera

Cinematic Animation | @keyframers 3.21

Dev: @keyframers

CSS Animation with motion

Dev: Henry Zarza

Just another CSS UI

Dev: Jamie Coulter

Mood Swing

Dev: Alexander Mold

Baby problems | HTML + CSS

Dev: Cameron Fitzwilliam

Santa’s Reindeer

Dev: Ivan Odyntsov

Square in a circle – Loading Animation

Dev: Ray

Drone Delivery Submit CSS Animation

Dev: Nikolay Talanov

Underwater Pure CSS Animation

Dev: tOazty

Bits & Bytes | CSS Animation

Dev: Ollie

CSS animation – Dancing pug

Dev: Angela Velasquez

SVG Animation

Dev: jjperezaguinaga

Flat design amusement park svg by Lina (animation powered by CSS)

Dev: Lina

css animation -> gif play/pause

Dev: Junjun Zhang

CSS Animation: Time of Day

Dev: Olivia Ng

CSS Animation: Indoors or outdoors?

Dev: Olivia Ng

Cyclone Magic – CSS

Dev: Nate Wiley


Dev: Mario Duarte

UpTown Spot – CSS animation

Dev: Stívali Serna

Only Css Animation #01

Dev: Hisami Kurita

Singing Octo CSS Animation

Dev: Ivan Odyntsov

Animated MSV rocket logo in full CSS

Dev: Anas Alaoui

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