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21 Modern CSS menu examples

Are you looking for some CSS menu inspiration?

Check out these modern CSS menu examples.

One Page Navigation CSS Menu

Dev: Alberto Hrtzt

Lavalamp CSS Menu

Dev: Patak

Pure CSS One page vertical navigation

Dev: Alberto Hrtzt

CSS Side navigation & Hamburger Menu

Dev: Alberto Jerez

PureCSS Menu

Dev: Jason Tyler

Pure CSS Menu – #13

Dev: Ivan Grozdic

Pure CSS menu

Dev: Antonija Šimić

Pure CSS Drawer Menu with overlay

Dev: Mattia Astorino

CSS Menu Concept – #codepenchallenge


Pure CSS Menu Animation

Dev: Charlie Marcotte

Pure CSS Menu Drawer w/ off-click #CodePenChallenge

Dev: Jhey

Hamburger + clip-path

Dev: Mikael Ainalem

Stripe Like CSS Only Menu

Dev: smpnjn

App Admin Menus + Light/Dark Modes – With Tailwind CSS

Dev: Rob Stinson

Animated Sidebar Left

Dev: Sergio Andrade

Navi Bar

Dev: Yuhomyan

Gooey Dropdown Menu

Dev: Mark Eriksson

Gooey Menu – CSS Only

Dev: Matthew Sechrest

Neumorphism context menu

Dev: Bar Hatsor

Fullscreen Menu Enter

Dev: alphardex

List Item Hower Effect

Dev: Abhinav Kumar

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