css forms

85 Stylish CSS forms

Here is a collection of some of the most stylish CSS forms made with just HTML and CSS.

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Animated Login Form

Dev: Alvaro Montoro

Animated Login Form

Dev: Alex Cornejo

Simple Login Form Animated

Dev: Himanshu C


Dev: Swarup Kumar Kuila

Animated Login Form

Dev: Stack Findover

Animated Login Form

Dev: Torben Colding

Neumorphic form

Dev: Pratham

Neumorphic form

Dev: Philip Lahner

Simple Sign In Form

Dev: John Bowie

Minimal Sign-In Form With Bulma.io

Dev: Paul Barker

Login Screen Animation

Dev: Johan Fagerbeg


Dev: Mikael Ainalem


Dev: Omar Dsooky

Day 001 Login Form

Dev: Mohan Khadka

Login Form

Dev: Tyler Fry

Card component with floating labels

Dev: Håvard Brynjulfsen

Login form. Svg animation

Dev: @BrawadaCom

Abstract Sign Up Form – Day 2 – 100 DAYS – 2020

Dev: Ricky Eckhardt

Login Form with floating placeholder and light button

Dev: Soufiane Khalfaoui HaSsani

Log In / Sign Up – Pure CSS

Dev: Ivan Grozdic


Dev: Marco Biedermann

Animated Login Form

Dev: Munsif Mujtaba


Dev: Mikael Ainalem

Neumorphism Login Form

Dev: Ricardo Oliva Alonso

Login form

Dev: Mike Young

Login form using HTML5 and CSS3

Dev: Brad Bodine

Sleek Login Form

Dev: emma

Login Form

Dev: Tony Banik

CSS Newsletter with Animated Floating Input Labels

Dev: Bilal.Rizwaan

Newsletter Form Dribble to HTML

Dev: Alex

Red Newsletter Form

Dev: Sazzad


Dev: Arefeh hatami

Pupassure Sign Up Form

Dev: Ricky Eckhardt

Less annoying form

Dev: Andy Fitzsimon

Transparent Material Login Form

Dev: alphardex

POP ART Button

Dev: Ahmad Nasr

Login form UI Design

Dev: Chouaib Belagoun

Sign-Up/Login Form

Dev: Eric

Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using jQuery and CSS3

Dev: Atakan Goktepe

Credit Card Form

Dev: Muhammed Erdem

Snake highlight

Dev: Mikael Ainalem

Material Login Form

Dev: Andy Tran

Login Form – Modal

Dev: Andy Tran

Google Material Design Input Boxes

Dev: Chris Sev

Log in/Sign up screen animation

Dev: Josh Sorosky

Interactive Sign Up Form

Dev: Riccardo Pasianotto

Double slider Sign in/up Form

Dev: Florin Pop

Credit Card Payment Form

Dev: Adam Quinlan

Slide Sign In/Sign Up form

Dev: Danielkvist

Flat Login Form

Dev: Andy Tran

Material Design Login Form

Dev: Josh Adamous

Form fields with material design and video background, in pure CSS

Dev: Jon Uhlmann


Dev: Nikhil Krishnan

Material VCard

Dev: Rian Ariona

Registration Form

Dev: afirulaf

Login/Registration Form Transition

Dev: Nikolay Talanov

Expanding Contact Form

Dev: Joe Harry

Responsive Signup/Login form

Dev: Mohamed Hasan

Interactive Form

Dev: Emmanuel Pilande

Log in / Sign up

Dev: @BrawadaCom

Login/signup form animation

Dev: Shayan

Step by step register form

Dev: Jerome Renders

Elegant Login Form

Dev: Victor Hugo Matias


Dev: Matheus Marsiglio

Credit Card Checkout

Dev: Fabio Ottaviani

Form Design

Dev: Timurtek Bizel

One line Signup

Dev: Vineeth.TR

Animated Login Form

Dev: Che

Spectre sign up form

Dev: Alex Devero

No Questions Asked Form & Magic Focus

Dev: Michal Niewitala

Obnoxious errors

Dev: Maria cheline

Flexbox Form

Dev: Katherine Kato

Invision login – dribbble remake

Dev: Mikael Ainalem

Emoji Form Validation

Dev: Marco Biedermann

Sign Up Form

Dev: Johnny Bui

CSS Snackables

Dev: Gil

Credit Card Payment Form

Dev: Jade Preis

Signup form UI

Dev: Tyler Johnson

Step by Step Form Interaction

Dev: balapa

Step By Step Form

Dev: DevTips

Step By Step Form

Dev: Jonathan H

Single input 3D form

Dev: Son Tran-Nguyen

Step by step form [KO]

Dev: Thays Dos Santos Neves

Step by step form

Dev: Senhor Sulaiman

Contact Form

Dev: Aina Requena