css lists

25 CSS Lists

Here are some CSS list styles.

Big Numbers Ordered List

Dev: yying6

Just Another Definition List, Grid, Sass, Responsive

Dev: Dianna Cheng

Css List Playground

Dev: iresheep

Animated CSS list

Dev: Pali Madra

CSS list

Dev: Thiago Zulato

Css List Animation

Dev: Polina Shchegoleva

Pure CSS Tree

Dev: Rafael González

Comments Box / List | Lista de Comentarios

Dev: Agustin Ortiz

File manger selectable list

Dev: Ahmad Nasr

“Take a number” contact list

Dev: Suzanne Aitchison

Forbes Leaderboard

Dev: Mark Eriksson


Dev: Fabio Ottaviani


Dev: Fabio Ottaviani

Pretty Sticky

Dev: Burmese Potato

Checklist animation – Only CSS

Dev: Milan Raring

12 nth Selectors

Dev: Gabriele Corti

Gradient Ordered List

Dev: Erin E. Sullivan

Transfrom Skew Property and nice List styles

Dev: vikas singh

CSS Gradient Counter List

Dev: Mattia Astorino

To-do list

Dev: Mattia Astorino

Checkbox Trickery: To-Do List

Dev: Will Boyd

To do list

Dev: Marco Biedermann

To do list

Dev: Daiane Assen

List UI

Dev: Collin Smith

CSS-only numbered lists with “drop” shapes

Dev: Ines Montani