CSS Color Palettes

35 CSS Color Palettes

Here is a list of CSS color palettes that you can use in your next project.

Flat Design Color Palette

Dev: Lucas Cobb

Flattastic Pro Color Palette

Dev: Marcos Rodrigues

Color Inspiration

Dev: Chris

Flat UI Colors

Dev: reimersjan

Simple Flat Colour Selector (Clipboard, various formats)

Dev: Zed Dash

CSS Grid: Color Palette

Dev: Olivia Ng

Color palette

Dev: Aurora

Color Palettes

Dev: Screeny

Color palette

Dev: Jeremy Karlsson

Color Palette

Dev: Praveen Kumar Gorakala

Random Color Palette Generator

Dev: Giana

Color Palette

Dev: Marco Biedermann

Material Design for Bootstrap color palette

Dev: FezVrasta

Bootstrap 4 Color Palette Generator

Dev: Gilles Migliori

Color Palette

Dev: Anders Grimsrud

Color palette stuff

Dev: Kyle Shanks

Neumorphic Color Palette (With Sound)

Dev: Aniket Kudale

Color Palette

Dev: Kyle Mensch

color palette

Dev: Philipp

Material Color Palette

Dev: Vineeth.TR

Google Material Design Sass Color Palette

Dev: Jon Rohan

Color palette

Dev: Luís Carvalho

Super Random Color Generator (updated)

Dev: Godje

Color Palette App (updated with Flexbox)

Dev: Dave Odden

Color Palette

Dev: Joshua Ward

Swiss Palettes

Dev: Eric Thayer

Color Palette

Dev: Joshua Ward

Flat UI Colors

Dev: Alex Marinenko

Flexbox – Color Palette

Dev: Diana Choi

3 Step Sass Smart Color Palette Generator

Dev: Joe Villanueva

Color Palette Sass Mixin

Dev: Jesse Wells

Smarter Style Guides with Sass

Dev: CJ Williams

Material Color Picker

Dev: Corey Megown

Material UI Circular Colour Palette made with Vue JS and GSAP

Dev: Krutie

colour palette condensed

Dev: Sandra Davis

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