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43 Creative CSS Badges

Take a look at some of the most creative CSS badges.

Contributor badge flip exploration

Dev: Chris Johnson

B is for Badge

Dev: Grace Ongchangco

Download App Badge

Dev: Mohammad Jamal Dashtaki

Landscape Badge CSS Animation

Dev: Christine Clark

CSS Badge Promotion

Dev: Hangs Breaker

Animated CSS Big Basin Badge

Dev: Zach Cole

Animated CSS Banff Badge

Dev: Zach Cole

Badge Hover

Dev: Jürgen Genser

WordPress Profile Badges (Old)

Dev: Mel Choyce

Certificate Badges

Dev: daniesy

Badges with Active

Dev: Gary Hyde

CSS3 Hexagon Badges

Dev: browniefed

svg badge emblem with dynamic curved text

Dev: mi-ca

Title badges

Dev: daniesy

App Navigation with Notification Badges

Dev: Thibaut

CSS Engagement Badges

Dev: Nathan


Dev: Bryan Fillmer

Buttons with badges

Dev: Nika Zawila

iOS style notifier/close/delete/new

Dev: Gavin Cox

Font Awesome – stacked & badges

Dev: John Stuifbergen

CSS App Store Badges

Dev: Matthias Kretschmann

CSS Ribbon Product Badges

Dev: Taylor Jones

Hexagon Badges with Font Awesome icons

Dev: Olivia Ng

GDPR badges

Dev: Kingjohnny

CSS Boulder Colorado Patch

Dev: Ossian

Responsive SVG Black Friday Badge

Dev: Jon Uhlmann

Badge Animation SVG

Dev: Adelia Gataullina


Dev: Simon Wuyts

Badge animations

Dev: Samrat Ambadekar

Notification Badge Animation

Dev: Valery Alikin

Badges in HTML/CSS

Dev: Kevin Jannis

CSS Badge

Dev: Coskun Baris

#dailyui 084 Badge

Dev: Andre Wichert

Css Badge

Dev: Çağrı Çolak

HTML5, CSS, JS Badges in pure CSS

Dev: Dmytro Ober

WIP CSS UX Belgrade badge

Dev: Miloš Rujević


Dev: Mark E. Carter

Product badge

Dev: vinod kushwah

Beta badge

Dev: Nicklas Sandell

Pure CSS Badge Logo

Dev: Rachel Nabors

CSS badge

Dev: Kitty Giraudel

CSS Badge

Dev: Eduardo Grigolo

Pure CSS Badges

Dev: Brady Sammons

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