css star ratings

33 CSS Star Ratings

Here are some star ratings made with CSS.

CSS Star Ratings with Radio Buttons

Dev: Lenny Sirivong

Pure CSS Star Rating Widget

Dev: James Barnett

Simple star rating

Dev: Mert Cukuren

Star Rating in CSS

Dev: Geoffrey Crofte

Simple Pure CSS Star Rating Widget Bootstrap 4

Dev: yaworek

Pure CSS 5-Star rating with hover effect for rating entry

Dev: Patrick Denny

How Are You?

Dev: Ryan Mulligan

Pure CSS Star Rating Widget – with Html and CSS – No Javascipt

Dev: Bilal.Rizwaan

Pure CSS Star Ratings

Dev: Rock Starwind

Standalone SVG CSS-only star rating component

Dev: Damián Muti

Pure HTML/CSS Rating Control

Dev: Muhammad Mabrouk

Pure CSS Star Rating System

Dev: Muhammad Mabrouk

Emoticon Star Rating

Dev: Vineeth.TR

Star rating!


Interactive Star Rating Component (CSS Only)

Dev: Ashley Watson-Nolan

Pure CSS Star Rating

Dev: Rachel Best

Star Rating | Pure CSS

Dev: ahmed beheiry

Apple AppStore styled star rating in pure HTML/CSS

Dev: Adrian Lambertz

Pure CSS 5-Star Rating

Dev: Andrea Crawford

Rate star buttons (pure css)

Dev: Valeriia

CSS Star Rating System with SVG

Dev: Melissa Em

Star Rating

Dev: Michael Trythall

CSS-only Star Rating

Dev: Marcus Burnette


Dev: Jordan-Simonds

Rating System (CSS Only)

Dev: Elton Kamami

Flat CSS3 rating system

Dev: Renaud Tertrais

CSS3 Star Rating

Dev: Michael

Full css3 only colorful star ratings \w inputs

Dev: daniesy

“Star” Rating System

Dev: ScottKaye

Star Rating with SVG

Dev: Bram de Haan

Fontawesome 5 Neumorphic star rating

Dev: Jenny Core-Holt

Star Rating

Dev: Souleste

Pure CSS Star Rating System

Dev: Facundo Corradini