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45 CSS Blockquotes

Here are some inspiring CSS blockquotes examples for you.

Alternating Blockquotes

Dev: Tommy Hodgins

Quote Box

Dev: Mario Rodriguez

Highlighted Blockquote with Citation

Dev: Barbara Lewis

Quote 1 – orange peel

Dev: Mugtaba G

Continuous Image Border Quote

Dev: Joni Trythall

Styling blockquotes with box-shadow

Dev: Ramón M. Cros


Dev: Iulian Savin

Subtle Quote

Dev: Tim Holman

Blockquote stylée littéraire

Dev: Vero

Quote styling

Dev: Joe Hastings

Coffee Quote – blockquote, flexbox, rgba, before content

Dev: Jacob Lett

Quotes with Font Awesome and pseudo elements

Dev: Jaime

Quote: Steven Pressfield • Start before you are ready

Dev: Juan Pablo

Blockquote Styles

Dev: Chris Smith

Quote: Jared Spool • Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide

Dev: Juan Pablo

Random || Quote || Generator

Dev: Ismael Garcia

CSS Quote Box Hover Effects

Dev: abdel Rhman

Quotes animation

Dev: Sabine Robart

Quote cards

Dev: Sabine Robart

HTML text inside a circle shape

Dev: Kerry

The Dangerous Ones

Dev: Vince Brown

UI Testimonial Card

Dev: Gabriele Corti

Shiienurm quote card

Dev: Tobias Johansson

Material Quotation Cards

Dev: Bharani

Responsive Pull Quote

Dev: Brian Haferkamp

CSS Grid Tschichold Quote

Dev: Alyson Sherrard

Epiphany Clock

Dev: Sophanarith Sok

Responsive testimonial slider

Dev: hellokatili

Author Quote

Dev: Mohan Khadka

Blockquote & Cite V2

Dev: Rases Kühlewein

Blockquote styling svg

Dev: tryles

Blockquote Styling

Dev: Casey Hunt


Dev: Susanna Cecchi

Blockquote Styling

Dev: Sonia Rieder

Simple Blockquote Styling

Dev: Andrew Wright

Blockquote Styling and Demo

Dev: Matt Daniel Brown

Blockquote Styling

Dev: Tigran Sargsyan

Blockquote Styling

Dev: Paolo Duzioni

Blockquote Styling

Dev: Naman Sood

Blockquote Styling on CSS



Dev: Harm Putman

Classy Blockquote Styling

Dev: Andrew Wright

Awesome Blockquote Styling with CSS

Dev: Max

CSS3 Testimonials Slider

Dev: Sara Soueidan

Pure CSS Blockquote

Dev: John Fink