css paper effects

23 CSS Paper Effects

Here is a list of CSS paper effects to inspire you.

CSS3 paper effect

Dev: Nomack

CSS Stacked Paper Effect

Dev: Messiah7

Old parchment

Dev: Christophe67

Shuffled paper effect

Dev: George Offley

Ripped Paper Effect

Dev: Makonnen Dos Santos

CSS3 Paper-edge effect

Dev: Felix Schwarzer

CSS Stacked Paper Effect

Dev: Michael MartinSmucker

Folding paper CSS3 animation

Dev: Vadim Hermann

Paper Textarea

Dev: Marc Malignan

CSS3 Paper Fold

Dev: Jesse Wells

Notebook Paper

Dev: Amanda Williamson


Dev: Ruphaa Ganesh


Dev: Camila Waz


Dev: magnificode

Paper with sellotaped corners

Dev: Suzanne Aitchison

Pinned card

Dev: Suzanne Aitchison

CSS Notepad

Dev: Hailey Skelcher

CSS Notepad

Dev: Juan Primo

CSS Notepad

Dev: Isaac Young

CSS Notepad Paper

Dev: Charlotte Dann


Dev: Timothy Miller

Pure CSS Notepad

Dev: James Barnett

Pure CSS Paper Lift Effect

Dev: Martin Wolf